Serving the surrounding counties with all the expertise and compassion at its command, Highlands Regional Medical Center has cared for the citizens of Highlands and its surrounding counties since 1965. As we grow, the hospital is becoming more and more important to the people throughout this area. Centrally located at Highlands Avenue and US 27, Highlands Regional is a complete medical surgical facility dedicated to the promotion of good health.

Expertly staffed and equipped, this full-service hospital provides the proper environment essential for patient progress and ultimate recovery. Highlands Regional Medical Center's personnel, consisting of highly trained professionals, form a dedicated healthcare team whose coordinated efforts assure consistent excellence in various medical specialties. Highlands Regional's modern facility is designed to meet the diversity of its patients’ needs, from emergency care, to outpatient care, to surgery.

The Highlands Regional Medical Center administration is continually making changes in order to keep up with the rapid developments in the ever-changing medical science field. In addition to serving its patients with the most modern healthcare skills and technology today, Highlands Regional Medical Center is consistently striving to keep hospital costs as low as possible.

For this community, Highlands Regional Medical Center’s first priority is superior health care for citizens young and old.

Combining a good atmosphere for recovery with all the knowledge and skills of the medical profession, Highlands Regional Medical Center is equipped to give the best care obtainable; and the entire Highlands Regional Medical Center staff is devoted to this task.

Several million dollars worth of upgrades in technology and state of the art equipment as well as accolades from some of the country’s most prestigious organizations set Highlands Regional apart from its competitors in 2005. The hospital boasts the only College of American Pathology accredited laboratory in the county.

Highlands Regional Medical Center has molded and changed since its creation in 1965 and will continue to concentrate on growing services and adding new technologies to better serve its patients. Every year the hospital reaches out to serve an ever-widening area, serving to guard the health and welfare of all citizens, young and old alike.