LSG surgery is done at Highlands under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make about five key incisions in your belly. He or she will do the surgery using a thin, long, flexible telescope with a tiny camera at the end. Instruments pushed through the incisions will be used to remove about 80% of your stomach. Your surgeon will do the procedure using images on a TV screen in the operating room. Since you will have a much smaller stomach, you will fill up quickly at mealtimes and eat less. Unlike other malabsorbtive bariatric procedures, LSG is a purely restrictive procedure so it does not interfere in absorption of any essential vitamins or minerals that your body needs. LSG is the most common bariatric procedure performed in the country at this time. On average patients can expect to lose up to 100lbs in the first year following the procedure.

Losing weight can be extremely difficult, and for people who have 100 pounds or more to lose, it can be even more challenging. For some, weight-loss surgery may offer a solution where other methods have failed. Bariatric surgery can be life transforming, offering individuals an opportunity to lead a more active and satisfying life.

*Weight loss surgery: Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery.